It's cliche, but Connor continues to surprise with his leaps of logic and empathy.

Just last week, after seeing us do it once or twice, Connor took a salad fork and tried to unlock the bathroom door using the cheater lock opening. At least if he locks the doors all the time, he can start helping with getting them open soon! Luckily when he locked himself in last week he was able to turn the knob enough to get it open since our stashed screwdriver for downstairs was not in its exact place. I bet the 30 seconds of looking for it could have been bad for Connor and me.

Then this morning we got to his daycare a few minutes early, so I was waiting with him on the porch. Our daycare has a porch swing, so he was swinging gently on it. He got up and pointed where he was just sitting and said, "You". I asked if he wanted me there and he nodded. After I got seated, he started swinging me and even asked, "Higher?" (complete with the proper inflection for a question!) as I ask him when he's on our swing!

Every day is a new surprise!

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