Mike finally got the good news a couple days ago that the company he worked for before (Manhattan Construction) would be starting him this Tuesday!  It would have been Monday, but Mike won't quite be ready for that after a planned weekend in the Florida Keys.  The news should make the weekend much sweeter!

An interesting an alignment occurs when he starts...  It's been noticed that my Mom's three sons have spent remarkably little time all employed at the same time.  One of us will be in school, taking time to explore, or sometimes just inconvenienced by joblessness.  It was only within the last couple years that we were all had a job at the same time, and that didn't last long.  When Mike starts this job, not only will all of us be employed, we'll all be working at a place that we stopped working for!

Mike and Dave both lost jobs to economic hard times and were rehired by companies eager to get their talent back.  I lost my job to a crazy notion that I should try law school.  I almost didn't get this job back because of hard times, though, and there is a real possibility that my job will evaporate.  I may well be jinxing myself, but this odd little alignment isn't forever.  I just want to acknowledge the moment as it happens!

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